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All About Camp

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The Adventure of a Lifetime

Imagine a summer filled with new friendships, exciting activities, and amazing adventures. A summer where you have the freedom to choose your own path, and the support to succeed. A summer where you live, learn, and grow within a warm and welcoming camp community, all while havingthe time of your life. Imagine a summer at Greenwood Trails!

Greenwood Trails offers campers the chance to spend their summer in a setting of extraordinary natural beauty, having more fun than they ever thought possible.
Greenwood Trails is a co-ed residential camp nestled on over 100 wooded acres in the foothills of the Berkshires in Northwest Connecticut. We rest on the site of one of the nation’s early summer camps, the original Camp Delaware established in 1921. It is within this rich camping tradition that our campers experience fabulous summers and build life-long memories.

Choose Your Own Trail

At Greenwood Trails we recognize that every child is an individual. We understand that the more a child can “choose their own trail,” the more exciting and meaningful each adventure becomes. Campers have the ability to choose much of their own schedule from a tremendous range of sports, arts, and adventure activities. As campers blaze their chosen path, they grow in remarkable ways, expanding horizons and developing confidence and character. At Greenwood Trails, all trails lead to fun!

ValuesCaring Camp Community

Greenwood Trails is a true camp community. We celebrate the uniqueness that each individual brings to camp, while also recognizing the common ground we all share. The dedicated staff at Greenwood Trails fosters a caring atmosphere where campers feel comfortable being themselves, and where genuine friendships are nurtured. Campers are encouraged to treat each other with respect, support one another, and live with integrity. This foundation of character creates a warm, positive community where everyone feels welcome.

Core Values

Greenwood Trails is committed to our 4 core values: Respect, Integrity, Caring, Courage. These values inspire every aspect of how camp is run, and we strive to guide our campers in developing and practicing them each day.

RESPECT : Campers demonstrate respect for others, themselves, and the environment.
Campers respect others by being tolerant and understanding, and abiding by the golden rule. They respect themselves by being proud of who they are, believing in themselves, and building self-esteem. They respect their environment by treating the camp and the natural world around them with care.

INTEGRITY: Honesty and responsibility are guiding principles in all interactions.
Campers should always behave honorably, play by the rules, and be a person of their word. Integrity means staying true to their values in all situations.

CARING: Kindness, support and empathy towards fellow campers are consistently demonstrated.
Being a caring person builds community while allowing campers to discover their best selves. It is under this atmosphere that true friendships are formed.

COURAGE: Courage is built by trying new things, persevering through challenges, and learning to fail and still “get back up.”
Courage includes openness to new experiences and adventures. It also means courage in relationships through standing up for yourself, standing up for others, and doing the right thing even when it is difficult.

Join the Journey

The journey on the trails is as important as the destination. It is a journey filled with fun, friendship, laughter, and good times. A journey where campers play sports, make crafts, act, play, swim, climb, sing, dance, soar, and most of all HAVE FUN in a safe, friendly environment bursting with camp spirit. We hope that your family will join our family this summer in this exciting journey at Greenwood Trails!